Family-centered, community-based

Our Story

The Adapted Movement Programs started in 1996 as a small collaboration between local service providers who had a vested interest in accessible, quality activity programming. Based at IUPUI’s School of Health and Human Sciences, the location was centrally located, with an accessible pool, and a large gymnasium.

Our original program, Motor Activity Clinic, was designed to promote student learning and community programming. The early success led to increasing our programs and building our community connection. In 2016, the newly formed advisory council underwent a strategic plan, resulting in a name change (welcome to Adapted Movement Programs) and increased focus on enhanced programming, resources, and research outcomes.

Why Engaged Learning?

We build our programs on a foundation of reciprocal learning and co-creation. What does this mean? We are an institute of higher education whose primary job is to educate students. By providing community-based programming, we enable students to learn while doing. Students are trained, monitored, and carefully supervised during all AMP programs.

Family is our focus, activity is the mode, and students are the heart of programming. Without our students, our quality, focused, individualized programming would be impossible to deliver. We are creating future professionals who can fully embrace ALL people who have a desire to be active and improve their health. We believe through active, engaged learning, students and families learn together.

A female AMP instructor in an IUPUI sweatshirt spots a female AMP client lifting dumbbells.
A pair of AMP instructors offer a t-shirt and program certificate of completion to a little boy.
A male instructor and an elementary-aged boy balance together on medicine balls.