Making activity accessible for everyone

The Adapted Movement Programs promote activity, fitness, and well-being for people with disabilities by improving physical, cognitive, and social function. Participants work with university kinesiology students who design and implement individualized activity programs catered to participant needs.

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Family and community are our priority

The IUPUI Adapted Movement Programs (AMP) offers family-centered, community-based physical activity programs for all individuals with disabilities. We believe quality physical activity and exercise equip people with enhanced opportunities for healthy, independent, and dignified living.

We are committed to providing clients with specialized individual programming that meet their specific needs.

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Our vision

Transforming lives and empowering individuals with disabilities through adapted physical activity.

Our beliefs

  • Quality physical activity and exercise give people with disabilities opportunities for independence and help them live dignified lives.
  • Quality physical activity and exercise meet the needs of individuals and families.
  • Best practice in physical activity and exercise programming is family driven and community-based.
  • Students learn better when actively engaged in community-based programs.
  • Service learning programs involving people with disabilities develop better-prepared professional practitioners.
A little boy plays soccer under supervision in the IUPUI gym.