Assessment & Consultation

We’re here to help

Are you considering starting a program for people with disabilities or adding to your current program offerings? Let us help! We are available for consultation, planning or assessment services.

⦁ Assistance with creating or building an already established APE program
⦁ Assistance with curriculum development

⦁ Training for activity modification
⦁ Training for game modification
⦁ Training for disability awareness

⦁ Standardized motor skill assessments for IEP goal and objective development

⦁ Do you need to understand ADA compliance?
⦁ Do you need to train your staff to work with all of your members?
⦁ Do you want to better market your program for individuals with disabilities?

Areas of expertise and places we can provide assistance

We want to work with you! Are you a community program, school, or business that wants to develop inclusive programs? We are available to help for guidance. 

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